When The Ground Shakes Child's Workbook


When The Ground Shakes Child's Workbook


This children's workbook is a supplement to the book When The Ground Shakes.

Children learn about the world from their parents, teachers, and caregivers. It is through adult actions and examples that we teach them how to react to various circumstances in life. In order to best help our children, we need to understand the range of reactions they may have to certain traumas and events, and how to best cope with those responses.

During a crisis or disaster, children will all experience different emotional reactions, ranging from minor to severe. Our mission and hope is that through these activities you will gain an understanding of how a child may feel in a crisis or catastrophic event. Through this empathetic process, you will learn how to help your child/student best cope under stressful circumstances.

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Young children may not know the specific words they need to use in
order to express their fears and anxieties. Our activities provide outlets
for such children to express their thoughts in a more creative and
productive manner.

In the event of a crisis we want YOU to be the child’s emotional coach.
We want to empower you so that you can provide guidance to children
with our tools. It is very important to practice these games and exercises,
as repetition is fundamental to learning. For example, through daily
practice of learning letters and sounds, children learn to read and write.
We hope you have fun practicing these activities, so that in the event of
a crisis, your child/student will be prepared and know how to respond. It
is equally as important to practice and play these activities after a crisis
occurs in order to help them process the experience